Mark Evans: Leather Artist

Mark Evans is not the kind of artist who hides in his art. In fact quite the contrary: his art is in hides.

His meticulously created etchings, which he refers to as “carvings in leather”, are proving to be much sought after by the rich and famous, worldwide.
Mark Evans combines the mind and eye of the artist with the hands of a surgeon and the knowledge of a leather tanner to produce his stunning works of art.

These pictures are etched into sheets of leather with his blades scoring little more than a tenth of a millimetre into the hide. This “micro sculpture”, as he terms it, reveals the nap beneath the surface.

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Banksy Film: Exit Through The Gift Shop

Banksy Film: Exit Through The Gift Shop

Amazing Art: Craig Tracy Body Artist

"It is my wish that the work that I create becomes a part of people’s lives. I want it to hang in their living and working spaces so that they will feel and experience the dynamic energy, passion, and mystery of each piece and in turn, my energy." Craig Tracy.

Amazing Art: Craig Tracy Body Artist

Amazing Art: Eric Joisel Turning Paper Into Dollars

When talking of art and paper in the same sentence one immediately thinks of sketching or painting. If the word origami is also introduced then the topic may become uninspiring as a pastime to keep children occupied.Not in the hands of Eric Joisel. He has turned this into an exciting art form and his pieces now command thousands of dollars.
Origami is taken from two Japanese words that, as Eric Joisel explains on his website, simply means fold and paper. That is: no cuts no glue.
Eric has spent hundreds of hours developing his sculptures and techniques. In fact when asked how long a piece takes to create his answer is “35 years.”

Amazing Sand Art: Run The Beasties are Coming!

All is not as it appears on the beach and there are certainly some unexpected beasties and characters there these days.

Dear Grandma
Having a lovely time, here on holiday at Amityville-On-Sea.
I am sending you some photographs to show you how wonderful and exciting it is.
You were right when you said there are lots of interesting creatures to see, and fun things to do beside the sea.
I made a new friend called Tom and we were making sand castles today when out of the sand popped a dragon….

Amazing Art: 10 Stunning Works of Sand Art

Around the world there are some amazing examples of sand art appearing in competitions, exhibitions or just purely for the art. Here are 10 of the best and most stunning.

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Amazing Art: The Dynamic Driftwood Horse Sculptures of Heather Jansch

Her understanding of her subject and her perception of the finished work create monumental sculptures that are awe inspiring.

“From the beginning my twin passions were drawing and horses and my hero was Leonardo da Vinci. I dreamed of becoming an artist living in wooded foothills with clear flowing water at my doorstep and horses grazing all around.” Heather Jansch